Focus Areas

College & Career Pathways

  • Scaling and strengthening College and Career Pathway Endorsements, aligned programs of study, and work-based learning systems
  • Defining and implementing pathway models and competencies that prepare students for promising credentials and careers
  • Establishing a comprehensive and supportive state policy environment

Bridges to Postsecondary

  • Steering the scaling of Transitional Math and English
  • Fostering dual credit partnerships
  • Building systems for youth to demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed for postsecondary success

Data Impact & Leadership

  • Strengthening state- and community-level data capacity and systems
  • Delivering integrated data through tools for practitioners, policymakers, and youth
  • Engaging with communities to utilize quantitative and qualitative data and evidence to inform pathways and transitions into postsecondary; and establishing evaluation frameworks to assess and improve policy and program implementation

Our Approach


We form and lead key interagency and public-private collaborations that drive policy priorities, deepen public system integration, grow public and private financial support, and enable integrated data to inform continuous improvement.

Community Networks

We build networks that connect communities to policy frameworks, by providing in-depth technical assistance, facilitation, and policy support. These communities serve as exemplars to inform our state policy efforts.


We spearhead innovative education and workforce models aimed at tackling systemic inequities and positioned to scale to regional and statewide implementation.

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