Bridges to Postsecondary

Through the Bridges to Postsecondary portfolio:

  • We shape and scale more seamless transitions from secondary into postsecondary, including steering the growth and equity-focused implementation of transitional instruction.
  • We foster policies and partnerships for strategic and accessible dual credit to accelerate learner progress into and through postsecondary.
  • We build systems for learners to demonstrate the competencies needed for postsecondary and career success.

Current Projects

Here’s what we’re working on in the Bridges to Postsecondary portfolio:

With the support of Crown Family Philanthropies, CPS brought in EdSystems to provide strategic counsel and support of the OCCS pathways vision framework and Student Success Roadmap.
Together with the Illinois Community College Board, we are supporting a cohort of community colleges to develop competency-based education programs in both welding and industrial maintenance.
The Future of Learning Coalition is an alliance working to advance an innovation ecosystem for equitable, student-centered education in Illinois to better prepare future-ready young people and empower them to realize their greatest potential.
To help stabilize and grow the local economy, community partners in Peoria are working with EdSystems to design and implement GPEAK, which translates the state’s ten competencies into a practical system to prepare individuals for meaningful and fulfilling careers.
Illinois Education and Career Success Network supports communities to increase meaningful and equitable postsecondary attainment and civic engagement.
EdSystems staffs the Success Network’s Policy Committee to foster collaboration and peer learning, elevate local practice to inform state policy, and support local practitioners.
In partnership with XQ Institute and Student Achievement Partners, EdSystems is launching an initiative to create an Illinois high school math badging system as an alternative credentialing mechanism wherein students can certify learning gained through a broad range of sources including coursework, independent study, summer school, and work-based learning.
In partnership with JFF and College of Lake County, EdSystems is supporting the design and implementation of a new dual enrollment hub to help improve educational outcomes for high-need high school students.
EdSystems staff and their partners led a multi-year process to develop and enact the PWR Act in close collaboration with a broad range of education and workforce stakeholders.
EdSystems leads the interagency efforts to define statewide transitional instruction competencies, policies, and implementation plans.
Youth apprenticeships at EdSystems offer a unique blend of hands-on experience, networking with industry professionals, and postsecondary planning.

Project Archive

Review past projects in the Bridges to Postsecondary portfolio:

The Chicago Equity-Centered Innovation Forum promotes models of personalized instruction, competency-based approaches, performance assessments, project-based learning, and other emerging innovations that provide promising education frameworks.
EdSystems is applying its experience and knowledge of long-term system building efforts to support Elgin Community College as it seeks to better serve its students with experiences in the carceral justice system.
In early 2019, ISBE and ICCB appointed EdSystems to facilitate the Dual Credit Committee to develop the Model Partnership Agreement.
In support of the OneGoal team and their Postsecondary Leadership Series, the EdSystems team is providing two primary services: capacity-building for OneGoal staff and advising for partner-facing content relating to college and career pathways, early college credit, transitional instruction, work-based learning, and data.