Illinois Education and Career Success Network: Policy Committee

In 2022, a growing need emerged to create a table for education, workforce, community-based organizations, advocacy groups, and state agency stakeholders to discuss Illinois policy issues spanning the P-20 pipeline.

Our Role

Launched in December 2022, EdSystems staffs the Success Network’s Policy Committee to provide space for local practitioners and policy leaders to collaborate and learn from one another, elevate local practice to inform state policy, and support local practitioners to take advantage of policy windows. 

The Policy Committee focuses on new and emerging education and career policy efforts, including (but not limited to) issues around:

  • College and career pathways
  • Work-based learning
  • Early college credit
  • Transitional instruction
  • Postsecondary transitions

Additionally, members share about promising local practices, engage with data, identify and advance emerging policy priorities, and identify opportunities to scale innovative policy in the field.

Learn more, watch meeting recordings, and find the committee’s memos on transportation barriers to work-based learning at

Supported by

The Joyce Foundation

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Portrait of Edith Njuguna
Director of the Illinois Education and Career Success Network  

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