Emily Rusca

Managing Director of Policy & Programs

Postsecondary Leadership Series

In response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, OneGoal and the Illinois State Board of Education have partnered to deliver a Postsecondary Leadership Series and scale its classroom-based model to districts and schools across the state. This will include a range of leadership development services aimed at building capacity at the system level to ensure more equitable outcomes for students, district leaders, and school leadership teams in 30–50 districts in high-priority areas across all six geographic regions of school districts in Illinois.

Our Role

In support of the OneGoal team and their Postsecondary Leadership Series, the EdSystems team is providing two primary services: capacity-building for OneGoal staff and advising for partner-facing content relating to college and career pathways, early college credit, transitional instruction, work-based learning, and data. Addressing and strengthening transitions to postsecondary is an essential touchpoint in driving equity in postsecondary access, success, and attainment.

The Latest


Extended Model Pathways in Chicago

In fall 2023, EdSystems began work with Chicago Public Schools and City Colleges of Chicago to develop five extended model pathways starting from early college through associate and bachelor degree completion for the following industry sectors: health sciences, information technology, advanced manufacturing, IT, and construction.

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Thought Leadership

Launch-ing Into Policy Innovation for Postsecondary Access and Success

Alongside state and local leaders from across Illinois, we have been engaging in a design thinking process as innovation cohort participants of the Launch initiative. Through this process, we are working to identify systems-level barriers to equitable access and outcomes and develop innovative solutions for pressing challenges in postsecondary transitions and success.

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