Data Impact & Leadership

Through the Data Impact & Leadership portfolio:

  • We strengthen state- and community-level data capacity and systems.
  • We deliver integrated data through tools for practitioners, policymakers, and youth.
  • We engage with communities to utilize quantitative and qualitative data and evidence to inform pathways and transitions into postsecondary.
  • We establish evaluation frameworks to assess and improve policy and program implementation.
Launched in 2022, the Chicago Early Childhood Integrated Data System (CECIDS) is integrating data across systems and programs to enable creation of more timely and actionable data analyses and products that serve families, program administrators, funders, advocates and policymakers.
Elgin's Alliance for College Readiness engaged EdSystems to support alignment to the new College and Career Pathway Endorsement system and the State’s new Perkins V plan.
Since 2016, EdSystems has provided the Great Lakes College and Career Pathways Partnership with strategic expertise and technical assistance.
To support Success Network Leadership Communities, the dashboard assesses progress towards the state goal of 60% of Illinois adults having a high-quality postsecondary credential by 2025.
The Illinois Longitudinal Data System (ILDS) provides the governance and technical systems that support the integration of longitudinal data across participating Illinois state agencies.
Illinois Postsecondary Profiles (IPP) is an online resource for data describing 2- and 4-year postsecondary institutions in Illinois.
In support of the OneGoal team and their Postsecondary Leadership Series, the EdSystems team is providing two primary services: capacity-building for OneGoal staff and advising for partner-facing content relating to college and career pathways, early college credit, transitional instruction, work-based learning, and data.
EdSystems supports the Common Program Information component of Pro Path Illinois, to enhance and align data captured across state administrative systems.
To understand the long-term outcomes of pathways students in the Rockford region, the Rockford Regional Education Research Collaborative has designed a data infrastructure that leverages both state- and local-level data.