Designing Experiences Along the WBL Continuum

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In the summer of 2021, I-WIN hosted a three-part workshop series for designing experiences along the WBL continuum. The I-WIN workshops began with an overview by Pathways & Policy Manager Heather Penczak, which included a review of definitions from the Illinois Career Pathways Dictionary and an overview of resources, best practices, and community models to provide inspiration and spark thinking for attendees. Attendees then moved into breakout rooms to develop an experience that addresses the design challenge. Access the recordings and resources below.

Interested in hosting an I-WIN workshop for your school or district? Contact Heather Penczak.

Career Exploration Workshop: June 23, 2021

Download the Presentation
Download the Design Challenge Template
Download the Career Exploration Template

Team-Based Challenges Workshop: July 21, 2021

Download the Presentation
Download the Design Challenge Template
Download the Team-Based Challenge Template

Career Development Experience Workshop: August 11, 2021

Download the Presentation
Download the Illinois Career Pathways Dictionary
Download the Career Development Experience Template

About I-WIN

The Illinois Work-Based Learning Innovation Network (I-WIN) is designed to:

  • Highlight and explore innovative models for work-based learning with a current focus on virtual opportunities.
  • Engage in conversations on creating sustainable, high-quality models that provide broader and more equitable access to work-based learning, building social capital for Black and Latinx students.
  • Build connections among communities to offer best practices, learnings, and resources.
  • Identify needs for state policy changes or support systems.

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