An Overview of Resources

Work-Based Learning Continuum for Education

The following resource is compiled of models across the work-based learning continuum from communities throughout Illinois to offer high-quality experiences in education. We hope that you can utilize, repurpose, and apply these models to support your design and implementation of work-based learning experiences aligned to an education pathway.

Career Awareness

A. Plainfield District 202 worked with students to create a promotional video about the education pathway to show students before the course request season.

B. Educators Share Their Stories of Teaching in Central Illinois: Central Illinois educators share their stories of why and how they started their careers. Their experiences helped shape their future and they aim every day to do the same for their students. Additional videos about non-teaching opportunities in the education pathway include:

C. Teach Central Illinois has resources for students and parents to learn about what it means to be an educator.

D. Rockford Public Schools, through a partnership with Alignment Rockford and Rockford University developed videos to explore careers in education, including:

E. VALEES created a series of Exploring the Teaching Profession Videos

Career Exploration

C. VALEES, Waubonsee Community College and Northern Illinois University Future Teacher Conference

D. Batavia High School Educator Roundtable event

E. Southern Illinois Future Teachers Coalition Student Swap

Team-Based Challenges
Career Development Experiences
A. Morrison High School Educator Pathway Experience:

B. Educators Rising – Suggested Activities for Assisting Educators and Teaching Internships (see page 2)

C. Rock Falls High School Education pathway students share about their 60-hour experiences:

Related Resources

“Innovations in Education Pathways During COVID” highlights communities who found innovative ways to address challenges they ran into during COVID-19 and how they will move forward with those innovations to enhance and broaden access to Education pathways.

The 2021 I-WIN session focused on experiences along the work-based learning continuum in the education sector.