Transitional English instruction builds on students’ experiential and academic knowledge to develop skills in reading, critical thinking and analysis, and writing that will enhance their success in college-level courses across majors and career pathways while aligning with the Illinois Learning Standards.

To support the implementation of Transitional English, a Statewide Advisory Group has been established in partnership with ISBE, ICCB, and IBHE that is comprised of secondary and postsecondary representatives that advise on the approach for professional development, curricular resources needed, and a review of materials currently in use by communities implementing Transitional English.

Through the collaboration and efforts of this group, resources have been created and community resources have been vetted that align with the Statewide Course Parameters, Competencies, and Policies document to support new and established Transitional English courses to meet the requirements to apply for statewide portability. Please utilize, repurpose, and share the following resources within your community as you look to enhance or design a Transitional English course.

Statewide Transitional English Resources

For more information on Transitional English, please access the following materials for an overview of the Statewide Transitional English course parameters, competencies, and policies:

Access the Transitional English Portability Documents

Resources Developed by the Statewide Advisory Group

Resource Download(s)
Best Fit Profile for Schools and Students
Checklist for MOU, Syllabus, & Spreadsheet Development
(for LAPs and Districts preparing for the Statewide Portability Panel)
Text Set Guidance
Table of Content & Process Competencies
Unit Template
What is Transitional English?

Sample Unit Plans

These examples are in process and represent the best thinking of communities. They will continue to be iterated based on feedback and student outcome.

* Approved for statewide portability

Starting the Journey: Professional Learning Workshops

The first session features an overview of the PWR Act, Transitional English philosophy, and Statewide Transitional English Course Parameters, Competencies, and Policies document.

Download the Session 1 presentation

The second session highlights community college partnerships and the approval process and documentation for Transitional English.

Download the Session 2 presentation

The third session highlights instructional shifts for Transitional English.

Download the Session 3 presentation

The fourth session highlights the role writing plays in developing students who are ready for college and careers after high school.

Download the Session 4 presentation

The fifth and final session highlights framing and reflective questions, themes and text sets, reading and writing strategies, addressing process skills and competencies, and units of instruction.

Download the Session 5 presentation

Additional Resources

At the 2022 Equity First conference, hosted by the Illinois Education and Career Success Network, Melvin Harrison, Director for Academic Affairs at Illinois Community College Board, presented on Transitional English course implementation and how the courses can build bridges for student access. Then, Anji Garza, Director of Professional Learning & Educational Services at ROE #47, shared resources and insights on developing or enhancing Transitional English. Download the presentation.