On May 23, 2023, EdSystems shared best practices, community models, and resources for supporting young women to pursue experiences in manufacturing. This session featured insights and feedback from female high school and college students on what they want to see in these efforts.

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During the discussion, we heard about learnings gathered from empathy interviews of high school and college female students. To learn more about incorporating student voice in your community, Community Design Partners released a PDF that provides an overview of empathy interviews, including the purpose and process.

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The Illinois Work-Based Learning Innovation Network is designed to:

  • Highlight and explore innovative models for work-based learning
  • Engage in conversations on creating sustainable, high-quality models that provide broader and more equitable access to work-based learning, building social capital for Black and Latinx students.
  • Build connections among communities to offer best practices, learnings, and resources.
  • Identify needs for state policy changes or support systems.

Join school districts and community colleges across Illinois as we share learnings about leveraging innovative models for scaling high-quality work-based learning opportunities.

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