Learnings From North Kansas City: Creating an Inclusive Work-Based Learning System

What does it take to build a system of work-based learning that serves every high school student at every grade level? On February 21, North Kansas City Schools shared their approach to ensuring a comprehensive and effective professional learning experience for students at every grade level, including the establishment of leadership structures and councils, operational and communication/tracking systems, teacher supports, and innovative opportunities for business-industry collaboration. 


  • Shannon Shelton, Director of Work-Based Learning, North Kansas City Schools
  • Athena Graham, Partners in Education Coordinator, North Kansas City Schools
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At the session, attendees were interested in learning more about how North Kansas City Schools engages their pathway advisory board and the flow charts they used with their tech team to show how they wanted their communication and tracking to be automated. Those resources are linked here, along with additional items discussed during the Q&A:

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