Learning with Robotics Webinar: Our Adults Are Good, But Our Kids Are Great

“Our adults are good, but our kids are great.” That’s what I heard from a high school administrator. She was as enthused as me. I sit here incredibly inspired by a meeting we just finished with students and staff from three schools who are working with robotics: Curie High School, the Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA), and Phoenix STEM Military Academy (PSMA). The schools are very different, as are the robotics programs, but the students’ engagement with and passion for robotics was infectious. All three schools are using robotics to help students investigate potential careers and develop essential skills. The meeting provided an opportunity for students to showcase their work and practice presenting (and the presentations were amazing, by the way). They shared their robots and strategies and connected with each other.

To get to see students from different schools presenting their work and sharing and learning together is the best. The schools ended the meeting with a commitment to visit each other in person, and I will make sure I get to tag along.

If you need some inspiration, check out the recording of the meeting:

Download the presentation

For more information about how IMSA can help with robotics:

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