High-Quality Criteria for College and Career Pathways

Since the framework was initially developed and adopted, College and Career Pathway Endorsements have significantly scaled in Illinois, with more than 200 high school districts in various levels of implementation and more than 1,000 students earning an endorsement in 2023. The expansion presents an opportunity to elevate and examine innovative practices that support continuous improvement and racial equity.

EdSystems recently brought together a diverse statewide advisory group comprised of stakeholders in college and career pathways to examine resources and best practices for moving beyond the endorsement’s definitional framework. Together, the group developed a comprehensive resource outlining high-quality criteria for college and career pathways. This work is part of our Developing Quality Criteria for College and Career Pathways and Work-Based Learning project, with support from the Walton Family Foundation.


  • Patty Zuccarello, College and Career Pathway Endorsements Coordinator, Three Rivers Education for Employment System
  • Laura Monteagudo, Policy and Program Manager
  • Liam Lawson, Pathways Fellow

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