Rouzbeh Rahai

Rouzbeh Rahai, Data and Outcomes Analyst, cares about improving the long-term educational and developmental outcomes of youth. He supports answering longitudinal questions on student experiences and program participation using quantitative methodology. Moreover, he works on making empirical evidence on student outcomes accessible to and actionable by stakeholders, for instance, by visualizing findings geographically or translating numerical results into meaningful units. Rouzbeh especially enjoys collaborating with youth-serving agencies to help augment human experiences through systematic program changes. Carrying a personal fascination with how the environment influences youth wellbeing, Rouzbeh has written journal articles on setting-level influences such as pollution and greenspace that condition educational disparities and outcomes. Rouzbeh holds a master’s degree in Environmental Psychology from Cornell University and bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Science and English literature from the University of California, Davis. He has also served as an AmeriCorps member in California public schools.


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