Crain’s Chicago Business Spotlights College and Career Pathways

What are college and career pathways, and why should employers get involved in training the next generation? In their March 27 edition, Crain’s Chicago Business tackled that question through two articles in its Forum on Secondary Education feature section.

In Chicago, a watershed moment for teens transitioning to the rest of their lives,” an article written by journalist Sally Duros, cites the supports of the Success Network and includes interviews with leaders from District 214, EdSystems, Rich Township High School District 227, University of Chicago’s Urban Education Institute, Chicago Public Schools, Illinois Business Roundtable, and Advance Illinois. The online article also embeds student spotlights.

School-employer collaborations will pave the pathway to the future,” an op-ed written by EdSystems Managing Director Juan Jose Gonzalez, establishes how college and career pathways help close the skills gap between education and workforce systems more effectively than previous education frameworks and calls for employers to engage with their local schools and colleges.

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Kyle Westbrook Named Executive Director of EdSystems

Education Systems Center at NIU is pleased to announce the appointment of Kyle Westbrook as its new executive director. Kyle brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to educational equity, making him an excellent fit for the organization’s mission.

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Performance-Based Assessment Showcase

At the Performance-Based Assessment Design Cohort Showcase on May 18, 2023, we were able to hear the teachers talk about their projects and the process of creating them, and see up close how performance-based assessments can be used across disciplines and with students from a range of backgrounds with a variety of characteristics.

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Community College Pathway Equity and Currency

To help encourage learners to complete the rigorous requirements and earn the College and Career Pathway Endorsement (CCPE) opportunity, as well as matriculate into postsecondary pathways, EdSystems is supporting the development of equity-centered strategies alongside incentives or currency that will help students and their families.

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