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Education Systems Center (EdSystems) is a mission-driven policy development and program implementation center based within Northern Illinois University. We work at both the State and local levels to ensure policies are created and implemented in meaningful ways to advance racial equity and prepare more learners for productive careers and lives in a global economy.


Extended Model Pathways in Chicago

In fall 2023, EdSystems began work with Chicago Public Schools and City Colleges of Chicago to develop five extended model pathways starting from early college through associate and bachelor degree completion for the following industry sectors: health sciences, information technology, advanced manufacturing, IT, and construction.

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Math Badging Receives Illinois Educators’ Seal of Approval

The Illinois Math Badging Initiative (IMBI) is piloting an alternative credentialing in math that allows for equitable student outcomes and certifies student learning through a variety of methods. Teach Plus Illinois assembled a group of math educators to understand how IMBI will alter the delivery of math and to provide suggestions to schools for supporting teachers.

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Assessing the Utilization of the Illinois Model Program of Study Guides

How are the Illinois Model Programs of Study Guides being utilized statewide by community colleges and their high school partners? Are the guides useful in helping regions design high-quality college and career pathways? What additional information and support do regions need to better align with the guides? EdSystems and the Illinois Community College Board seek to answer those questions through our new State of Illinois Model Programs of Study Guides: Utilization Report.

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On November 8, 2023, communities shared how they are working with their school's master scheduling team on flexible options to incorporate professional learning experiences.
On November 10, 2023, a faculty panel shared pain points and epiphanies from the recent CBE Backward Design Community, plus ICCB and EdSystems shared student insights and findings from the upcoming Lessons Learned report.
On Tuesday, December 5, 11 a.m.: Learn how to use ChatGPT to explore diverse perspectives and prompt innovative solutions for work-based learning.