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Education Systems Center (EdSystems) is a mission-driven policy development and program implementation center based within Northern Illinois University. We work at both the State and local levels to ensure policies are created and implemented in meaningful ways to advance racial equity and prepare more learners for productive careers and lives in a global economy.


Why Do We Need a Longitudinal Data System?

Why does the State of Illinois need a longitudinal data system? Or to put it more precisely, how does longitudinal data help answer key policy questions? We address these questions in this third post of our Making the Case for the ILDS blog series.

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Join us for the Validating Math Learning for Geometry in Construction: A Math Badging Use Case session at the Illinois State Board of Education Career Connections Conference on June 18.
Join the Illinois Education and Career Success Network Policy Committee for its quarterly convening on Wednesday, June 4, 9–10:30 a.m.
On May 29, join I-WIN as we discuss insights, best practices, and resources to address challenges to providing credit and teacher allocations for internships.
On May 21, 2024, the EdSystems team introduced changes to eight Model Programs of Study Guides and how to share your public comment.
On May 20, two students presented insights on their paid micro-internship exploring math beyond the classroom setting. We also provided an overview of the general micro-internship model.
The May 9, 2024, showcase of the Scaling Transformative Advanced Manufacturing Pathways (STAMP) initiative featured participating collaboratives from regions across Illinois sharing how they are creating high-quality and equitable manufacturing pathways to help meet the demand for skilled manufacturing workers in Illinois.