Supporting Equitable Change in the Education-to-Career Ecosystem

JFF’s Building Equitable Pathways podcast, hosted by Kyle Hartung, welcomed Executive Director Jon Furr of EdSystems together with Michelle Jacobs of United Way Greater Atlanta as guest speakers on May 4, 2022.

Jon and Michelle shared how their organizations are working to break down the barriers of inequality through the development of college and career pathways. To make progress, our education and work systems need to reorient themselves to better engage in the collaborative design of strategies, and to also seek and listen to the voices of youth who live and work in our communities about what they need. 

You’ve got to agree to bring to the table your school district, with commitments to leadership, your community college, other postsecondary partners, employers and community based organizations, and have a common vision for how you're going to be addressing better education and workforce outcomes for your young people.

Jon Furr, Executive Director

Listen to the full episode:

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