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Illinois Advanced Apprenticeship Consortium

In Spring 2015, the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association worked in concert with the German American Chamber of Commerce, Harper College, and CICESS (Central Illinois Center of Excellence in Secure Software), and EdSystems to develop the Illinois Advanced Apprenticeship Consortium (IAAC). In September 2015, IAAC was awarded a $3.9 million grant from the Department of Labor for its application in the American Apprenticeship Initiative. The initiative lays out specific criteria in the development of apprenticeship programs that are agreed to by consortia members, including the ICATT Apprenticeship Program.

Our Role

EdSystems partnered with the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association to write the successful American Apprenticeship Initiative application and has worked consistently with the IAAC Steering Committee on implementation. Our specific focus has been on collaborating with Education for Employment districts in Illinois to implement a Manufacturing Pathway aligned to the College and Career Pathway Endorsement system for students that meets the expectations and requirements of the PWR Act. These districts aim to incorporate the State-level Manufacturing and Engineering Technical Competencies into their pathway and start to graduate students with a Manufacturing Endorsement on their diploma no later than the high school graduating class of 2022.

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