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Designing College and Career Pathways: Lessons Learned from CPS

In this episode of Systems Sessions from Education Systems Center at NIU, Pathways Director Juan Jose Gonzalez and External Relations Manager Sarah Clark talk with Chicago Public Schools administrators on their vision for college and career pathways across the district and how they’re piloting new Model Pathways.

Hear from CPS Principal Michelle Flatt of South Shore International College Prep, which is piloting the new Model Pathway for Health Sciences. Then, we’ll talk with Office of College and Career Success Chief Michael Deuser, Director of Career and Technical Education Sarah Rudofsky, and Executive Director of Early College and Career Education Alexandra Vlachakis on CPS’s goals and how they are working with schools to implement new pathways.

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In Systems Sessions, we explore big, current issues in education policy through conversations with the EdSystems team, state policymakers, and community leaders who are on the ground leading this work. While focused on the Illinois, Systems Sessions brings a national and global lens to policies that prepare more young people for success in college and careers.

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