Advancing Racial Equity: EdSystems’ Practices

In October 2020, we released a statement rededicating our work to advancing equity, particularly focusing on racial equity. Since then, we have periodically shared our learnings and efforts, as shared in the timeline below. We welcome your ideas and feedback to help us make this critical shift in how we operate and how we engage with the systems and communities we impact.

01 March 2023
EdSystems is coalescing around five new goals, which we call our Big Bets, to ensure that our state’s education and workforce systems truly lessen racial inequities and lead to tangible progress for our Black and Latinx students that have for far too long been underserved by these systems.
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04 October 2022
We seek to make advancing racial equity our custom, our habit — a central organizing principle that becomes part of every EdSystems internal practice and every project in our portfolio. Learn how we've worked to model action-orientated racial equity this past year.
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14 April 2022
From Senior Fellow Ginger M. Reynolds, PhD: I admit that the phrase “college and career ready” gives me pause, particularly with respect to students who aren’t well served through our current system. I like the analogy of Monopoly..."
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14 October 2021
What has advancing racial equity tangibly meant this last year? While we are still listening, learning, and reflecting, we share an overview of our nascent efforts to serve Black and Latinx students in Illinois.
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22 April 2021
Since October, our team has individually and collectively worked to deepen our understanding of how we can make racial equity more central to our work, internally and externally.
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19 October 2020
The EdSystems team is taking active steps to reflect, learn, and make racial equity even more tangible in our work.
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