Counting Our Wins in the Great Lakes College and Career Pathways Partnership

At EdSystems, we believe that using data is essential for shaping effective decisions in service of student success. One of the highlights of our Data Impact and Leadership portfolio has been our data leadership through the Great Lakes College and Career Pathways Partnership (GLCCPP).

Over the course of the GLCCPP, we have worked closely with our Coordinating Team partners (ConnectEd and JFF) as well as the participating communities to collect, analyze, and report on key shared metrics with the following goals. These shared metrics help inform our understanding of each community, as well as broader realities across the partnership. Further, with our support, GLCCPP communities engage with these data to inform their college and career pathways implementation.

In 2019, we issued an inaugural “By the Numbers” report to take stock of what we were seeing both in terms of community capacity as well as student experiences and outcomes. This year, we are expanding our report to also reflect on process learnings as we conclude the GLCCPP. Here are some highlights from the report:

  • All GLCCPP communities continue to grow in their ability to collect, report on, and use their data to inform practice.
  • In the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, participation in dual credit coursework continues to grow and postsecondary remediation rates continue to fall.
  • In Rockford, more students are enrolling in dual credit than ever before and career exploration is growing.
  • In Madison, pathways participation is growing, and hundreds of students are participating in work-based learning.

We are grateful to The Joyce Foundation for its vision for and support of this initiative. As we bring the GLCCPP to a close, we are excited to celebrate these accomplishments across the region. We are looking forward to seeing how each GLCCPP community will continue to refine and deepen their college and career pathways implementation, resulting in greater success for young people in their region.

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