Technology Support

A Framework and Resources for Measuring Student Needs and Development During Remote and Blended Learning​

Remote and hybrid learning require unprecedented levels of engagement with technology and districts have had to ramp up their technology assistance to meet demand. Systemic barriers and generational differences in familiarity with technology mean some families are less equipped to navigate the new systems. Keeping track of who needs what kinds of support and when they need it allows districts to distribute existing support resources more effectively and to find ways to reach more users more efficiently.

Teacher and Administrator Insights

"If students have technology needs, there is a tech support number they can call; however, they are still so overloaded that families are waiting hours to get through. We are working on creating an instructional technology site for families explaining how to use all of the tools provided, including basic ‘how to’ documents."
From an Administrator
@ a Large District

Promising Practices

Exemplars, Resources, and Research