Student Wellbeing and Mental Health

A Framework and Resources for Measuring Student Needs and Development During Remote and Blended Learning​

Data on student wellbeing and mental health can help us to understand the magnitude of the effects of the crisis and the disparate impacts it is having on diverse populations. Correlated with other metrics such as instructional models and engagement in school, it may help us to understand how best to support different populations of students.

Teacher and Administrator Insights

I had a remote student come in to work with me, one-on-one. While there, he got choked up and said he wanted to come back. His parents won’t let him. He was so upset. He doesn’t talk to his friends like he used to. Without this chance to work with him, in person, I wouldn’t have found this out.
From a Teacher
@ a Rural Middle School
Honestly, I just try to remember to take time to be human. Probably a lesson we can take with us beyond COVID. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in everything we’re supposed to do. Just need to take time to breathe sometimes and let the kids do the same.
From a Teacher
@ a Suburban Middle School

Promising Practices

Exemplars, Resources, and Research