School Climate

A Framework and Resources for Measuring Student Needs and Development During Remote and Blended Learning​

For students in remote and hybrid learning environments, the experience of school is very different this year. From combinations of synchronous, asynchronous, and in-person instruction to learning to navigate online platforms and instructional tools, to wearing masks and social distancing, the school climate created by current conditions is completely new. Teachers and principals are looking for systematic ways to gain insight into how students are experiencing school so they can respond and adapt.

Teacher and Administrator Insights

A Future Project?

Principals and Administrators are struggling to adapt their improvement processes to remote learning. Some have surveyed teachers, staff, parents, and students; others are planning a survey for the near future. They are looking for strategies to gauge and improve school climate. Many participants mentioned interest in a research-based, 5E-like tool adapted for remote learning with frequent, short surveys for students and staff for rapid insights into school climate throughout the year.

All systems currently in place were designed for the in-person environment…It would be helpful to have a tool to use to assess our current remote learning environment that our school teams could use to address present needs based on data (not just feeling).
From a Principal
@ a Large Urban High School

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