Family Engagement

A Framework and Resources for Measuring Student Needs and Development During Remote and Blended Learning​

Because families and caregivers play such an important role in ensuring students are successful in online learning, and because this crisis is affecting many students’ social-emotional wellbeing, communicating with families and caregivers has taken on a new level of urgency and frequency.

Teacher and Administrator Insights

A Future Project?

Teachers around the state are using dozens of different platforms, tools, and applications to interact with students and families, and each allows for some interaction with other platforms, tools, and applications. It would be useful to have a resource which lays out the capabilities of each product along with which other platforms, tools, and applications it can interact with, including applications for English learners. It also would be helpful to have a repository of teacher reviews and tips.

This is the most engaged I have ever seen parents with my class.
From a Fine Arts Teacher
@ a Rural High School

Promising Practices

Exemplars, Resources, and Research