A Framework and Resources for Measuring Student Needs and Development During Remote and Blended Learning

From the Data, Assessment, and Accountability Committee of the Illinois P-20 Council and Education Systems Center (EdSystems)

Included in This Framework:

Read our overview to learn about the context for developing the framework plus the guiding principles and process for developing the resource. This framework organizes the types of information pertaining to student needs and development into three overarching categories:

  • Engagement
  • Social-Emotional and Physical Needs
  • Academic Progress

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Device and Broadband Access

Which students have or lack access to a reliable device and high-speed internet connection?

Student/Teacher Interaction

How often and in what ways are students and teachers interacting?


Which students participated in learning opportunities?

Technology Support

Is support for technology difficulties available at times and in languages convenient for students and caregivers?

Family Engagement

Which teachers and administrators are in regular contact with which caregivers regarding student engagement, social-emotional and physical wellbeing, and academic progress as well as school and district policy changes?

Social-Emotional and Physical Needs:

Student Wellbeing and Mental Health

Can students function at a satisfactory level and are they able to enjoy life?

School Climate

What is the quality and character of school life based on patterns of students’, parents’, and school personnel’s experience?

Supports for Students Experiencing Acute Trauma

Are supports available for students experiencing temporary living conditions, food insecurity, severe family illness, and other acute trauma?

Academic Progress:


What is the purposeful direction of the learning process?


What methods or tools are being used to evaluate, measure, and document the academic readiness, learning progress, skill acquisition, and educational needs of students?

Intensive Academic Support

What are the additional, targeted learning supports for the subset of students with significant learning needs?

All systems currently in place were designed for the in-person environment…It would be helpful to have a tool to use to assess our current remote learning environment that our school teams could use to address present needs based on data (not just feeling).
From a Principal
@ a Large Urban High School