Manufacturing Pathway Scholarship for Chicago Students

Through the generous support of the Square One Foundation, Education Systems Center at NIU is now offering a scholarship to City Colleges of Chicago students who are enrolled in a manufacturing, welding, or engineering program. The $500 scholarship can fund tuition, fees, textbooks, room, board, school supplies, job training equipment and uniforms, or other costs associated with attending college.


CCC atudents who graduated from Chicago Public Schools and are on track to complete or have completed a manufacturing, welding, or engineering program are invited to apply. Applicants must attend or have attended a regionally accredited institution of higher education in Illinois between fall 2022 and spring 2024. Once selected for the scholarship, students must provide proof of postsecondary enrollment to receive funds. The scholarship is open to DACA students/DREAMers.

Interested students must submit an application by November 15, 2023, which includes the following:

  • A 500-word (maximum) essay OR a 2-minute audio/video recording essay answering the question: What made you interested in a career in manufacturing? Please talk about your relevant experiences, such as which courses you have taken, your workplace experiences or visits, or extra-curricular activities.
  • Optional: A 2-minute video recording or presentation where you show us a METT project or item you created. Please describe the process: How did you create the item? What materials, machines or tools did you use? What did you learn?

This scholarship is open to all students eligible to work in the state of Illinois, including students eligible to work under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Managing Director Juan Jose Gonzalez.

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