Since 2016, EdSystems has provided strategic expertise and technical assistance as part of the Great Lakes College and Career Pathways Partnership (GLCCPP). The GLCCPP is funded by The Joyce Foundation, and centers on three priority areas in college and career pathways implementation: leadership and governance structures, scaling high-quality work-based learning, and transforming teaching and learning. EdSystems is joined by JFF and ConnectEd as the national leaders delivering supports to four Great Lakes regions implementing college and career pathways systems:

  • The Central Ohio/Greater Columbus Region
  • The Northwest Suburbs of Chicago (Served by Districts 211, 214, 220, and Harper College)
  • Madison, WI
  • Rockford, IL

These GLCCPP communities are leveraging partnerships across secondary and postsecondary education, employers, and other community-based partners to develop high-quality pathways systems that drive improved outcomes for young people and address issues of equity.

Our Role

EdSystems brings its expertise and leadership in Illinois policy (particularly the Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR) Act), work-based learning programs and systems, and data and metrics.

Illinois Policy: EdSystems helps the Illinois communities leverage the policy windows presented by the PWR Act, Dual Credit Quality Act, and more to enhance their pathways offerings, address remediation needs, and scale strategic dual credit to enable their students to have long-term postsecondary success.

Work-Based Learning: EdSystems is providing strategic technical assistance grounded in the PWR Act, Career Pathways Dictionary, and Career Development Experience Toolkit to support the GLCCPP communities as they develop and scale high-quality work-based learning systems integrated into their college and career pathways.

Data & Metrics: EdSystems leads the work of the GLCCPP to collect and analyze a set of shared metrics to illustrate the story of college and career pathways implementation and initial outcomes (see the “By the Numbers” report for an example of such stories). Additionally, EdSystems provides strategic support through in-depth workshops to help the GLCCPP communities develop their cross-stakeholder systems and skills for collecting, reporting, and using data to inform their work.

For more information and resources, please visit the GLCCPP website or connect on Twitter @GLCCPP